Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Setting priorities

Marriages, children, careers, pay off the house, the monthly bills: sometimes takes us in everyday life as to claim that for the real life no more time left. But the increasing levels of responsibility can also be a chance. To their own circumstances neutral judge, you should first of all be clear about the reasons why you sometimes seem to grow all over his head. If the schedule or the mobile phone firm grip on your life so that a short stop at the supermarket or in cleaning your day been completely messed up? If

They even small favors to ask your family or friends, as unpleasant exertion, you should ask some serious questions. If even claimed to empty the trash can or occasional cooking too much of your time, you should bear in mind what would happen if you had to overcome a serious crisis, such as the breakup a relationship, loss of job or even a disease. Many men are plunged into a deep personal crisis when they get old erection problems. Dealing with the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, many men will before a major test. Often the victims so insecure that even the simplest way, the treatment of impotence by a power means such as Viagra an insurmountable hurdle.

cause life crises us to reconsider the priorities in our lives. For our lives to get back under control, we should be guided by these standards. The first step is to become aware of their own value standards is to analyze clearly what is most important in your life. Most are certainly full of conviction Say that family and friends come first. But reality is often different. Take a look at your statements and your calendar. Claims the work life as much of your time that you are the family and friends pay little more?

If your life is all work, you will never be happy and satisfied. Paradoxically, many men feel just at work, not "master of the situation" to be, even if they spend the most time of the day. One reason for this is that they control their emotions at work need as they seek power, career and money. Other important things, such as a good relationship with colleagues, however, often remain on the track, as it uses his skills for it to increase his prestige and income. Whether

Monday, January 24, 2011

Changing Oil On Inboard

cosmetics from the kitchen

wrinkle cream, eye cream or anti aging cream , beauty is in your own kitchen lately been in fashion. And for two main reasons. First, the homemade creams and lotions are often cheaper than the expensive skin care products in the cosmetics industry. Second mentioned the products that you mix yourself, no preservatives, because they need not even be stored for months in store shelves, but are intended for immediate use. One need not spend hours in the kitchen mysterious ingredients, stirring, if one wants to make his own cosmetics.

it is much easier to buy in the pharmacy as an ointment base for further processing. One can then opt for a high-fat or low-fat emulsion as a basis. The difference is easily explained on two products from the kitchen area. For example, milk is an emulsion of water and little fat, butter, however, is an emulsion of fat and little water. Creams and emulsions are, after all. The fat emulsion will donate more than fat and moisture in cosmetics is therefore moisturizing cream. It does not cost much to have to mix in the pharmacy 100 grams of fat emulsion as a base or moisture basis.

These fundamentals are sound, and you do not have to worry that one cultivates fungi or mold covering in the cream jar. You want to be a fatty cream package found, you fat albums of your base, with a clean cosmetic spatula or a spoon, a small portion, and fill them in a tiny Porzellanschüsselchen. To the fat base type six egg yolks and stir everything thoroughly. This skin mayonnaise you cover your face, neck and décolleté back of a knife thick. The cream pack is 15 to 20 minutes on the skin. Then take the excess with a paper towel and wash off the skin with lukewarm water.

Finally, you use a facial toner. Very popular is a cream pack of almond oil. Alternately, the fatty yolk pack, you should apply moisturizing cream package. For this, mix half a teaspoon of cream base, 20 drops of sweet Almond oil and some sour cream. The whole thing must have a spreadable paste result, you apply moisture to the epidermis and soak 20 minutes. All soft pack and mask remains, you should first remove it with a paper towel and use only lukewarm water for rinsing off after the skin. Incidentally, no rose in her hair can do more for her beauty as a flower beer. It nourishes and strengthens hair and gives it sparkle.